5 Reasons to Select SGS for
Your Sales Growth Efforts
Recognized expertise in sales growth
Successfully coached 100+ sales teams
Sales performance increases of 10% – 30%
Assisted hiring 1,000+ sales professionals
“Experience is undervalued
until you really need it.”
Experience that delivers results
15 years of documented client success
Experience from sales to the boardroom
Low-risk, with client ROI exceeding 20 to 1
Guaranteed client satisfaction
“When you measure performance,
performance will improve.”
Data driven improvement process
Repeatable & predictable sales results
Validated sales & management processes
Assess staff skills & capacity to improve
Measure effectiveness of sales processes
“Off-the-shelf packages seldom
provide real world solutions.”
Customized sales growth offerings
Training on required sales skill development
Coaching on leadership skills & processes
Recruiting talent that will win new clients
Strategic sales plan development
A trusted resource if sales growth
is in your job description
Resources on the SGS site
2,000+ pgs of sales & management content
FREE e-books, white papers & case studies
FREE Podcasts, videos & self assessments
FREE initial consultations for more details
Four Services
Strategic Insight
Leadership Coach
Skill Training
Sales Recruiting
One Outcome
Win Accounts
with Improved
Strategy & Skills
What’s really limiting your sales growth? Do you need strategic clarity before investing scarce resources?
Only 10% of sales managers have the skills to maximize sales results. How are you investing in your sales managers?
Sales managers drastically affect your sales results.
Frustrated in recruiting sales talent that WILL win new accounts? Need to inject some hunting DNA into your sales team?
Sales Recruiting with a high success rate.