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Offering more than 50 years of sales leadership and sales management expertise, Sales Growth Specialists, under the leadership of Founder Danita Bye, helps CEOs reach their visions and achieve bottom-line results. We create strategic sales management processes—from assessment through implementation—that propel businesses to the next level by helping them with the consulting, training, coaching and marketing. All initiatives are designed to build predictable revenue.

Danita is one of the Twin Cities’ most well-known sales management consultants, having carved a track record of building and inspiring high-performance sales teams that achieve bottom-line results.

Would You Like a Process to Manage Your Sales Team to Consistently Deliver Results?

Effective sales management systems are critical in creating, building and managing a successful sales organization that profitably grows a company. An organization’s declining or flat revenues—regardless of the economic climate—are a clear indication that sales management systems have failed to meet the sales organization’s critical objectives.

Sales Growth Specialists help you overcome your sales challenges

Rise to Every Challenge With ‘Best of the Best’ Sales Tools

Sales organizations face many challenges in attaining revenue goals. With limited people, time and money, it is imperative that sales leaders supply the “best of the best” tools, processes and disciplines for maximizing every opportunity. They must be prepared to cope with competition, product/service life cycles, economic conditions and other issues that impact market acceptance of their company’s products and services. Case studies.

Accountability: a Philosophy for Sales Success

Intrinsic to all Sales Growth Specialists’ services are the firm’s requirements for successful sales management—discipline nurtured by creativity. Sales management processes must unequivocally demand accountability and support individual selling efforts. In addition, these processes must create alignment between the personal/professional goals and the corporation’s goals. All the training, all the tools, and all the coaching in the world cannot make a successful sales organization in the absence of these processes. Sales Management Systems.

Get the Services That Get Predictable Sales Results

Sales Growth Specialists’ sales management and leadership offerings include management consulting, sales effectiveness processes, accountability planning, salesperson development, recruitment strategies and team coaching. All initiatives are focused on developing a culture that fosters sales success. Sales Growth Specialists serves the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) and the surrounding metro area. We are also willing to work throughout the rest of Minnesota and into Western Wisconsin. Greater distances have to be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

Sales Growth Specialists' services form a process that really make your sales grow


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