Business Leaders: Invite to Connect Faith & Work Conference

Did you know:

  • 90% of church members claim to have never heard any sermons or lessons relating their faith to their work (Robert Wuthnow, sociologist).
  • 84% of Christians ages 18-29 profess to having no idea how the Bible applies to their professional interests (Barna).

Weekly I hear comments reflecting a compartmentalized, dualistic view: sacred and secular:

  • “My role is to work hard, earn lots of money and give to those in full-time, paid ministry.”
  • “Sunday is separate from Monday through Friday.  I don’t see what impact one even should have on the other.”
  • “Faith is at private matter that belongs at home and in your personal life.”

At the same time, I continue to hear leaders concerned that 72% of employees are disengaged at work (Gallup).

Is there a connection?

I believe there is. That’s why I’m honored to invite you to the Connect Faith + Work Conference on Saturday, April 20th.

I’m not certain if you’re familiar with Os Hillman of Marketplace Leaders and Larry Julian (God is My CEO).  I have tremendous respect for both of their work in practical, every-day faith-work integration.  Both Os and Larry will be keynoting, as well as conducting breakout sessions.  I’m honored to be a member of the Leadership panel, representing the entrepreneur and small business owner (Gosh–someone’s got to do it!)

Business Leaders, it’s going to be a powerful conference. I’m hoping that you can attend, plus extend the invitation to others.  Here’s the info:

What: Connect Faith & Work Conference

When: April 20

When: Westwood Community Church

Details and registration:

The conference includes breakfast, refreshments, and lunch, plus a free copy of The Executive Calling.

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