Hiring Sales Staff – a Recipe for Success

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A few weeks ago, I was discussing business strategies with one of my clients.  The conversation soon focused on recruiting sales people who CAN and WILL win new accounts. Suddenly, he leaned forward, looked me straight in the eye and asked, “Danita, why do some of my sales people consistently seem to succeed while others fail?” He then quickly followed with, “How can I know if a candidate has what it takes to be a leading salesperson on my sales team…before I hire him?”

I smiled. It’s a common concern I hear. I told him he would be delighted to learn that he doesn’t need a fortuneteller or a geneticist to get the answers he’s looking for.  In recent years, the process of hiring has benefited greatly from new research. Our Sales DNA Process builds on this knowledge by providing you a roadmap to define your sales organization’s DNA requirements. Through both industry and company research, we know that some weaknesses are major, reducing sales effectiveness from 30-55%. When these weaknesses are in combination with each other, it’s fatal to the sale.  Dishearteningly, it’s often near-fatal to the business owner who’s investing money into growth.

Sales Hiring DNA process

The steps in this sales hiring process define the combination of mindsets, skills, talents, knowledge and market acumen required for success. With this process, you will consider key areas such as products, markets, business cycles and competition.

The Sales DNA process works because it takes a fact-based approach to sales talent acquisition. While most companies are eking out sales increases in line with the economic recovery, those who have decoded their sales DNA are consistently winning new accounts and gaining market share.

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Our updated eBook, Measuring Sales DNA is now available.  We’ve updated our process on how you can create the blueprint to the Sales Gene that the best fits your unique sale. Get your copy here.

 SALES GROWTH QUESTION: How effective are you in discerning a star sales person from a non-performer?

SALES GROWTH LESSON:  Using a repeatable recruitment formula will deliver consistent hiring success.

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