July 2010

Next Stop Tanzania!

Four months ago, I mentioned that I’m on the board of Cheetah Development, a venture-capital-like non-profit firm that’s creating new business models for economic development in emerging countries. They’re inviting me to Tanzania to provide business insight and gain a better understanding of the scope of the current projects. The official trip briefing took place last week; there is now no doubt I’m going to a very remote and needy part of the world (per capita income is about $500 per year).

Even though I’m very excited about this 3-week trip, it is a little out of my comfort zone. However, I’ve been assured that I’ll have a mattress each night and mosquito netting without holes! I’ll have some stories to tell when I get back and I will be calling some of you for your expertise and insights as we develop our business strategies.

Books Published

Two years ago, I set my goal to publish one book. To date, I have a total six published (13, counting e-books) covering a range of topics that are critical for a building high performance sales culture. I have to admit, I have a LOT more respect for anyone who writes a book; my husband would say it is an obsession. I’m taking 3 month off from writing to enjoy what is left of the summer (and Africa)! Please visit this landing page for a complete list of titles.

Visit to the Sequoias

If you have been following my blogs and articles, you know the Sequoias fascinate me. On a recent trip with my daughter and husband, I had the chance to visit their cousin, the Giant Redwoods, the tallest living thing in the world.

There are some valuable sales lessons we can learn the Sequoias. If you haven’t read my blog, please check it out or see Chapter 4 in Leadership Shift: Leadership Paradox #4: Foster Collective Independence.


Where can you find me this month?

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BestCXO: A leading management blog, is now featuring my video Creating a Culture of Accountability.

World Network News: A number of my videos have been published here. Be sure to tune in.

RainMaker Blog: Quoted me in a recent article “Are you a killer sales and marketing pro?”.

Quote of the Month

“Managers play a significant role in creating an environment within which individuals can thrive, discover their talents and use their best selves daily.”
- Marcus Buckingham


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